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С кредитами от «Хумо» ехать в трудовую миграцию мне уже не нужно…

My name is Mahmanazar Safaraliev. I live with my family in Obi Kiik Jamoat.


Since childhood, I was taught to work. In the environment where I grew up, it was a vital necessity. The small village - if you're a boy, you should be able to help your family. The village life is very hard, you have to work physically. At a young age, I worked on a par with adults.

When I had my own family, I decided to go to Russia for work like all our compatriots. Having arrived, I got a job at a construction site. They paid us very little money, the part of which we sent home, and the rest we used for personal expenses. We worked and lived in the same place - in one of the unfinished rooms. On Sundays, when it was day off, we just lay on the construction site.

 Years passed, and life in a foreign land has become burden to me. I decided that it was time to return home to my wife and children.

When I returned, on the advice of the family I decided to start my own business, and to rent a small shop. Fortunately with the help of friends, I quickly found premises. However, the state of shop was not the best. I had to work hard and make repairs in the store. I spent almost all my savings on the repair and when the store was ready, I did not have the funds for the purchase of the goods.

At the end of 2014, I applied for a loan to CJSC MDO "Humo" in the amount of 4000 TJS. The received loan solved my problem and on this amount I purchased groceries for the store. At the expense of the profit, which brought me my business I was able to cover the costs for repaying a loan, and for everyday needs. After repayment of the first loan, I decided to buy a new fridge for storage of drinks. So in 2015, I once again addressed to "Humo", where I could get a loan in the amount of 5000 TJS. Due to these funds I purchased a fridge, as well as expanded my business.

In conclusion I would say that today I am a successful entrepreneur, and all that I have achieved it is thanks to the Organization "Humo". After all the difficulties and complexities in a foreign land, I do not want my children to follow in my footsteps. I try to give them a good education and a bright future in which they can live in dignity.

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