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Потребительский кредит

This type of loans allows anyone to purchase household items, TVs, personal computers and other equipment. The funds can be disbursed also for the repair and overhaul of premises on special occasions.

Collateral: immovable property.
Amount: to 25 000 somoni.
Loan term: 3—36 months.

Annual percentage: from 31 to 36% in somoni.
Deposit guarantee rate: not less than 10%.
Grace period: none.
Fine: 1%.
Commission amount: 1% of the loan amount.

Lending conditions:

  • Individuals aged over 20 years and legal entities.
  • Experience in this field for over 6 months.
  • Business compliance with the legislation of Tajikistan.
  • No liability to the third party.
  • Available collateral.

Required documents:

  • Loan application;
  • Passport of the Republic of Tajikistan, confirming the place of residence;
  • TIN;
  • Certificate of state registration of individual entrepreneur, license and/or patent for entrepreneurs or reference salary for the employee of budgetary organization or commercial entity.

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