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  • MDO "Humo" is a company with a vast geographic scope of activities. We operate in more than 40 districts of Tajikistan, in cities of Dushanbe, Kurgan-Tube, Javan, Kulob, Danghara, Khujand, Isfara and Istaravhan. During its ten-year presence at the micro financial market of the Tajikistan , the company opened 16 branches, 36 cash service centres, 5 cash settlement centres and 34 customer service points. The company pays special attention to the support of Khatlon region. Wide branch network, only high-quality customer service, the provision of affordable and popular services strengthens our position as one of the leaders in the field of microfinance. As a consequence, at the global information platform «MIX Market» “Humo” was awarded five "diamonds" — the maximum possible score. So -called "diamond" system indicates a level of transparency of the microfinance organization.
  • The organization carries out its activities in accordance with the best international practices, implying efficient company management, good relations with partner banks, government regulators and local authorities and high quality customer service.
  • Our organization is one of the three leading microcredit organizations, AMFOT (Association of Microfinance Organizations of Tajikistan) members. By the coverage rate, the portfolio of MFIs, AMFOT members, make up 95% and the remaining 5% go to small and medium MFIs, having no AMFOT membership. As of the end of December 2013, number of active clients of MFIs, AMFOT members in Tajikistan totalled 241,435 customers, of which 14.31% was the share of "Humo". The total portfolio of AMFOT members reached 1 billion 700 million 280 thousand 564 TJS with 10.87% that accounted for our organization.
  • “Humo" focuses on lending to rural areas, so 77 % of its active portfolio direct to service of the rural population. Another 30% of "Humo" assets are placed in group lending, which is a unique experience of the organization. Group loans do not involve collateral and are based on a guarantee of remaining members of the group that has a high risk of delays in loan repayment. But, for the all-time, the company has developed and successfully use the tools to work effectively both in individual and group lending. The Company pays special attention to women; 45% of the total number of its active clients is women. Involvement of women in the development process of the business environment in the country and enhancing the women’s role in the family are one of the company’s priorities. The company's work is purposeful to fulfil social mission, which is to support small and medium enterprises and the agricultural sector in poor regions of Tajikistan.
  • Our achievements are also the creative potential of each staff member that is crucial for the success of the Organization. We value all the undertakings and achievements of professionals at all levels and trends, which displays the Organization to new levels of efficiency and service quality. In 2005, we introduced an innovative system of incentives to the Company’s employees. Stimulating innovations are extremely important for staff professional development and their loyalty to the organization. The organization has monthly, quarterly and annual cash incentives to the staff for their achieved high performance in operation. The organization helps its employees to share the company's success that became possible due to their own input and to create an interesting and meaningful work environment that values their individuality and recognizes personal contribution.