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"Humo" is a company with vast geographic activities. We are present in more than 40 districts of Tajikistan, in Dushanbe, Kurgan-Tube, Javan, Kulob, Danghara, Khujand, Isfara and Istaravhan. Within its eleven-year operation at the micro-financial market of Tajikistan, the company opened 20 branches, 36 cash service centres and 8 customer service points. The company pays special attention to the support of Khatlon region. Wide branch network, high-quality customer service, the provision of affordable and popular services strengthens our position as one of the leaders in the field of microfinance. As a consequence, at the global information platform «MIX Market», "Humo" was awarded five "diamonds", the maximum possible score. So-called "diamond" system indicates a level of transparency of the microfinance organization.