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Company "Humo" is already in the microcredit market for ten years and is one of the leading micro finance institutions in Tajikistan. Over the years the company has been repeatedly changed and transformed. The recent company's conversion was carried out on 7August 2013, when the Micro Credit Organization "Humo &Partners" was transformed into Micro Deposit Organization "Humo".

On the 1st of November 2013, the National Bank of Tajikistan licensed the Closed Corporation MDO "Humo" to carry out microcredit deposit activity. Date of receipt of the license MDO Humo added a vivid page to history and became a significant event marking another step in the steady growth and development of the company. Previously, "Humo" worked under the name Micro Credit Organization LLC "Humo & Partners", established in June 2008. Micro Loan Fund "Humo", the successor of a micro-credit program of CARE International in Tajikistan, acted as the founder of the organization.

With the adoption in 2004 of the Law "On Microfinance", CARE International-Tajikistan transformed its microcredit program in the local public fund that provides affordable financial services to the vulnerable and poor populations. In November 2004, CARE Tajikistan announced a competition for the best naming of a financial institution. Following the contest results the name "Humo" was chosen. The company's activity is strongly associated with the mythical character, the legendary bird Humo. Humo is a magic bird, painted in golden colour — a symbol of the sun, revival and plot. According to legend, the bird Humo bestows happiness and good luck to those who it flies over.

In December 2004, the MLF "Humo" was officially registered at the Ministry of Justice of RT that marked the beginning of the practical implementation of the Fund’s plans. It was MLF "Humo", one of the first microfinance institutions of Tajikistan that received the certificate of the National Bank of Tajikistan, which means that the Fund met all requirements of the tajik laws and had enough resources to start its activities. This occurred on 15 March 2005. The certificate entitled to the beginning of the lending activity, namely micro-crediting of the population having no access to banking services. The first loan was disbursed on March 28, 2005 to Zoirova Ruzigul, the cashier of credit group "Tammano" from Javan district, in the amount of 5,700 TJS.

Within four years of its operation Micro Loan Fund "Humo" expanded its working area and by November 2008 provided access to affordable micro financial services to poor people in 25 districts of the country and in the cities of Dushanbe, Javan, Kulob and Kurgan-Tube. However, attracting investment was needed to ensure growth of the organization that was impossible to do in the status of a public fund. To this end, it was decided to create a new organization "Humo &Partners". After receiving by a new organization of the license of the National Bank of Tajikistan that happened on October 17, 2008, the Fund transferred most of its assets and liabilities together with all clients and work area to MCO "Humo & Partners". Currently Micro Loan Fund "Nuri Humo" continues its operation in one of the most remote and vulnerable areas of Tajikistan — Varzob district.

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