Loans under the «ADB» project is dedicated to finance projects of private individuals and legal entities aimed at the introduction of modern technology to facilitate adaptation to climate change in the Panj River Basin (Panj, Qumsangir, N. Khisrav, Shahrituz, Hamadoni, Farkhor, Vose, Kulob, Muminobod, Temurmalik, Dangara and Qurgan-Tube).

          The project consists of the following components:

1. Creating a more sustainable system of protection against floods and disaster risk management.

2. Forming of a sustainable irrigation system, including restoration of small irrigation infrastructure.

3. Facilitate the establishment of more sustainable drinking water supply system, including the restoration of the infrastructure of drinking water supply in highly vulnerable communities and building capacity of water users groups.

4. Organization of the micro-finance, in order to provide financial services to vulnerable groups, particularly women, and to promote climate resilience.

Within the project there will be provided consulting services on various options of efficient water management, crops resistant to climate change, the fight against new pests and diseases that arise as a result of rising temperatures and changes in water regime, as well as the restoration of soil fertility.  The impact of the project will be expressed in the improvement of the livelihoods of communities in the Panj river valley that are vulnerable to climate change and variability. Loans must be used for existing and new technologies that provide improve efficiency in use of water, energy and soil. Consumers of loans for deciding issues of the choice of technology and equipment have the opportunity of self-selection of suppliers and installers technologies. The funding mechanism on «ADB» project is developed by the Asian Development Bank. Loans of the company within the project are available to farmers, dekhkan farms, entrepreneurs and households. Loans for mixed approved and new technologies will be reviewed on adaptation criterions to climate change. Consumers of loans will be provided by technical assistance and consultation to assist in making the best decisions on lending. A mandatory condition for granting loans under the project is the targeted use. Loans within the project are available only in the agricultural sector on the following projects:

- Installation of water supply systems and water supply control (drip irrigation).

- Purchase of mineral fertilizers and seeds.

- Animal husbandry and cultivation of crops.

- Organization of gardens and greenhouses.

- The cultivation of crops requiring less consumption in irrigation.

- Improving the conditions or the construction of new storage premises, including for livestock. Loans are granted in order to diversify the income of one household. That is, if household has one source of income, it is given the opportunity to form an additional source of income.

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