KIVA is an open platform where lenders from around the world come together to help borrowers and create opportunities for them, as well as to contribute to KIVA mission to reduce poverty. Kiva serves borrowers in more than 80 countries on 5 continents. Most Field Partners are microfinance institutions, but they can also be schools, NGOs or social enterprises. They all share one thing in common: the desire to improve people’s lives through safe, fair access to credit.

MDO Humo is working with KIVA program since 2007. In 2011, at a conference on microfinance the company was awarded a KIVA diploma for providing quality services and good client feedback, as well as for the company’s assistance to residents of Tajikistan to manage and grow their business.

MDO "Humo" provides the following loans under the KIVA project with low interest rates:

  • Start-up business loans;

  • Higher education loans;

  • Loans for Health;

  • Solar Home System loans;

  • Clean Energy loans.

Start-up loans are intended for all who wish to start their own business. For candidates, a training course (if desired) is conducted to open one's own business and create a Business Plan. A loan is issued for a term of up to 2 years with a grace period of up to 4 months for all activities. Movable and immovable property can serve as collateral.

Higher Education loan program is designed to finance students who want to attend university. It aims to provide an opportunity for lower income students to obtain access to higher education, and increase the number of university educated Tajiks. Funds can be used for partial or complete payment of expenses related to higher education. However, in some cases, this loan may also be used to fund necessarily materials needed for other levels of education.

Loans for Health are dedicated for low-income families in Tajikistan who have medical expenses that they cannot afford to pay. The loan is designed to give clients a helping hand by providing a low interest rate and a grace period of up to six months. This will allow clients to get treatment, recover and resume work before having to make repayments.

Solar Home System and Clean Energy loans allow borrowers to install solar power and water heating systems in their households, replacing the need for electricity from non-renewable and less reliable sources.

In addition to these loans, the KIVA program also finances other loan products. The work of the project in "Humo" is supported by Kiva coordinator and assistants who monitor compliance of the submitted loan applications with KIVA’s requirements.

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