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Счастливый водитель маршрутного такси…

It is known that Dushanbe, capital of our country, has quite a serious problem in providing uninterrupted public transportation and that is why the profession of a minibus driver is much demanded.

Hukmatullo Sunatuloevich Kamolov is a driver with 7 years of experience and knows all the streets and roads of the city and for over a year he has been working on the route line 5 "A".

"... My working day starts at six in the morning. But before its commencement I, first of all, examine the car, check brakes, the oil level, the presence of gasoline, cleanness of the vehicle’s interior, and only then I leave on the route. At first it was quite difficult to drive the car and at the same time to take the fare from passengers. The first days of my work on the route I took money from passengers without looking and just asking: whom and how much I have to give the change. Now, however, I picked up some experience and even without light inside of the car I can by touch guess how much money they gave to me "- Hukmatullo said with a smile.  

Seeing how quickly new technologies in the production of motor vehicles develop and more  modern vehicles appear on the market, Hukmatullo convinced himself that the modern public transport should have a high safety profile and provide maximum comfort to passengers. With these concepts, our character had chosen a new minibus of the brand "Ford Transit" but unfortunately the price of the selected vehicle was slightly higher than he expected. Hukmatullo faced the task how to get the deficient amount as quickly as possible, and he decided to borrow money from his good friend. But it turned out that a friend of his at that time also had some financial problems, but he recommended Hukmatullo to come to the MDO "Humo" as he himself successfully used the financial services of the Organization.

Hukmatullo had done so. Turning to the CBO of the Company "Humo", which is on the market "Farovon" and by presenting all the required documents, he quickly received the necessary amount as a loan and soon became the owner of the coveted van of "Ford Transit" brand.

“…Occupation of a fixed route taxi driver requires an even greater responsibility than motor car drivers" - says Hukmatullo. "Driving a large vehicle like a minibus is more difficult, as you need to fit into the traffic situation, stop in a timely manner at passengers' request, follow the road signs and traffic lights, and do all these quickly and safely, both for passengers and for all others. I am very happy that now having purchased the car of my dreams, I can comfortably serve the people - bring them to work, to study or to relatives.  Therefore I’d like to express immense gratitude to the company "Humo", communication with which looked like a chat of good friends and partners”.

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