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Рассказ земледельца…

In Tajikistan Shahritus is famous not only for the well-known tourist attraction "Chilu chor Chashma", but also for its fertile land.

“My name is Tulkin Botirov. I am the resident of this beautiful site and I am farming for over 25 years. It so happened that after graduating from secondary school I could not go to University and had to go to serve in the army, after which I returned to my home place and spent some time repairing vehicles, but then, after 1992, when the country was going through hard times I had to do farming, to somehow feed my family. I took over farm work experience from my father, who turned me over the land entitlement by right of succession.


Engaged in farming, I started yearly expanding the arable land that made me think about the purchase of agricultural machinery, fuel & lubricants and fertilizers. All the required inputs needed additional funding.

In 2015, on the advice of my friends and acquaintances, I decided to contact the organization "Humo". When I first visited the branch of the organization, the friendly staff drew my attention to the agricultural credit program which conditions, taking into account a grace repayment period of the loan were fully acceptable and beneficial to me.

I was pleasantly surprised by high quality service and the efficiency my loan application was reviewed with. A staff member of the branch, who served me, went to the plot, looked at the fields, farm machinery and helped draw up a package of documents necessary for my loan application filing.

With a high sense of gratitude to "Humo" I want to express my appreciation to the organization for the timely financial support, which has a positive impact on my work. This year, during the spring field work I, using the favorable lending conditions of the organization, successfully cultivated and sowed the land, acquired the necessary fertilizers that give me confidence in getting the desired crop yield.

Given the benefits and well-established partnerships, I am determined to continue my cooperation with "Humo" and in the near future I plan to arrange another loan for further development of my business”.

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