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Незабываемые моменты с «Хумо»

That's the way the man is created: he wants to recall some points of his life quite often and in great detail.

Weddings, family celebrations and anniversaries, of course, are remembered for a lifetime but, unfortunately, individual scenes, faces and emotions can be eventually erased from memory.

But with the help of video and photo shootings such events are securely stored for many years and from time to time can visualize the past celebrations and life milestones.

Suhrob Bekov in Khuroson district is known as an experienced operator and photographer who is invited for almost all local weddings and celebrations. Suhrob’s video and photo sessions are in great demand and are notable for high quality.

Suhrob is one of the regular customers of "Humo" and we, in the period of his next credit registration, decided to ask him some questions.

- Suhrob, from your point of view as an operator and photographer what is the importance of your work?

My job is very interesting and its importance is to reflect, with virtue and a creative approach, the happy moments of weddings and celebrations, to capture the joy and positive emotions of people in a single frame or image. 

- What is required to become a popular operator and photographer?

Of course, to have a professional education is very important, but keenness of observation, the ability to find interesting background, the shooting angle and not to miss the very essence of the event play an important role in my trade.

- Please, describe your working day.

It's not always the same. Sometimes the day starts very early and sometimes it ends very late. There are shooting at night. All depends on the clients themselves.

- As far as your labor conditions, how are they comfortable?

I am constantly on the move, one shot comes after another. I have to film indoors, outdoors, and in any weather. Sometimes you have to get wet in the rain, or chill in the cold, but the desire to help people, capture their celebrations always stimulates me.

- Suhrob, your first encounter with "Humo" was held back in 2010. So what can you tell us about that?

While I was a student, I became interested in videography, and many said that my capturing interesting moments turned out well. Gradually, I began to study video shooting at weddings, but at the time I did not have the professional equipment. I had to rent a camera, tripod and other equipment. In 2010, when my favorite hobby became a job, I decided it was time to have your own equipment. So following the advice my friends I approached MDO "Humo" and was granted my first loan of 5,000 somoni.

-Did the amount you received help you so far?

Oh sure. After purchasing the necessary equipment, the work went well. Orders started coming in from all over the region. I spent weekends shooting and on weekdays I was engaged in cutting the video tape footage. Eventually, I decided to open their point of customer service. In 2013, due to a loan of $2000, I was able to construct a small building. A year later in 2014 the next loan of $1,800  allowed me buying accessories for the shooting, the new computer and other office equipment needed for the job.

- What kind of success have you achieved?

My work brings me the material well-being along with moral satisfaction. I always try to set a goal for a certain timeframe, and I meet it gradually. Today, I give service not only in video and photography, but also in car rental. And it was the case when I again was supported by "Humo". In early 2016 with some accumulated amoun video tape footage t, I decided to buy a car of «Toyota Camry» brand, because it is in more demand for weddings. However, the money I saved was not enough and I again applied for a loan in the MDO "Humo". After receiving a loan of 5,000 Somoni, I bought the vehicle so much needed for my job.

- Suhrob, what are your future plans?

At the moment, I have a few students who I teach the art of video and photography. Also in the future I want to re-apply for a loan in the MDO "Humo" to get a flying machine for shooting from the air (quadrocopter) and try to make the celebration of people and their joyful events even more impressive and memorable

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