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На пути к предпринимательству

I am Matluba Mavlonova. I am a permanent client of "Humo" as I collaborate with the organization since 2014.


I started my business 8 years ago and at that time I did not work; I was engaged in sewing business at home. I was cutting out and sewing women's dresses, selling them in a subsequent in the market. In this process, honestly, most of all I like to sell wares, and so I decided as soon as possible to organize my own trading outlet for the sale of women's clothing and fabrics.

When I started to sell goods, a point of sale where I worked, had only three square meters, which is not allowed me to put up for sale a sufficient number of goods.

In order to solve this problem, that is, to increase the goods assortment and expand retail space, I applied for a loan to the organization of "Humo".
After talking with the staff of the organization and getting a good credit orientation, I soon received the necessary loan, which allowed me to progressively solve all my problems.

Having repaid the loan in accordance with the contract, I was able for the repayment period to learn well the opportunities of the proper use of loans for business development. So I became a permanent client of the organization "Humo" and my business is growing steadily thanks to this organization.

But as you know time does not stand still, and market conditions taking into account supply, demand and the impact of the economic crisis are constantly changing, which requires from entrepreneurs a careful and thoughtful approach to their work, in what my "partner" - organization "Humo" always helps me by advice and recommendations.

Today in my family growing up children, and soon there will arise a question of organization of their independent family life and housing. And as a mother I dream to give my children the best of everything and on a par with my husband, who also works, I want to contribute to this pleasant family chores.

Cooperation with "Humo" allowed me to believe in my own strength, and I am sure that all of my dreams and wishes will come true. 

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