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Мечты окрыляют...

We want to dedicate our next story to Grez Sharipov, a resident of Dushanbe city, who is a regular customer of MDO "Humo". 


The caharacter of this story  has dreamed since childhood to become an entrepreneur, and now having a full family with five growing up children, he makes every effort to achieve his  goals and targets.  

Having received the blessing of the parents, Grez after his marriage moved to live in the city of Dushanbe and began an independent life.

Parents of Grez are farmers and are engaged in agriculture, and as Grez says "It is a great happiness, if the parents are alive and always can support and give you good advice".  It is thanks to the advice of his parents and the first revenues generated due to business Gurez was able to build a house.

Our hero started his business in Sultoni Kabir, the capital market, where initially he rented a small shop for selling household appliances. After some time, being ridden by the urge to be a successful entrepreneur Grez became a rightful owner of the shop. Within that timefarme his business expanded and much more orders were coming in. But at the same time children of our character were getting older that naturally required an increase in family expenses. Grez decided to diversify the range of goods he sold, and following the recommendation of his friends turned to the MDO "Humo". Thanks to the loan borrowed from "Humo", Grez was getting on better, and he with stable profits today wants to give his children a good education in prestigious  national universities.

"I am very grateful to "Humo", as the company can support people at the right time. Especially, it was nice that when I applied for a term loan, it was processed within two days.  It allowed me getting quickly the next delivery of goods from abroad. Givan the friendly and respectful attitude of employees to customers, as well as the efficiency of the organization, I intend to continue to cooperate with "Humo". Indeed, "Humo" as a fantastic bird of ancient legends enables its customers to take off and overcome all obstacles and difficulties. I can recommend loans of "Humo" to all my friends and all entrepreneurs who want to increase their income. No doubt that here you will be definetely helped. I was inspired with my dream of entrepreneurship, but without wings of Humo I would not be able to achieve what I currently have".

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