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«Хумо» подарила мне уверенность в завтрашнем дне!


My name is Bibizilol Sattorova.

My story is probably similar to hundreds of other stories of Tajik women, but I still want to share it. Perhaps one of the women of our Republic, having read it, also decides that it is time to change her course of life.

I was born and raised in Vakhsh district. Here I got married and gave birth three children. Our rural life is different from the city. We get up early, do our household chores, and collect our children to school. Several years ago, my husband decided to go to work in Russia. In order to somehow cover the expenses of the family, I began to engage in trade. I rent a small village shop where I started selling the food products.


My husband after arriving from Russia began to help me in the store. But after spending a few months at home, he again decided to return to Russia. This decision did not cause me a sense of joy and we began to look for other ways to solve this issue. Coping with housekeeping, bringing up children and work in the store will not be easy for one person. One day, seeing the neighbor on his plot of land, how he has started to install pipes, hoses and other equipment, my husband and I decided to ask for what it all. Our neighbor said that this system is called drip irrigation - watering method, in which the cultivated plants receive water directly to the root zone. And what a lot of important the water consumption is thus reduced by several times.

My husband, hearing the story of our neighbor, burned with a desire to build a greenhouse and to hold drip irrigation system. Seeing his desire, I decided to support my husband in this case. All our savings were spent on the creation of greenhouses so we decided to take a loan to purchase the vegetable seeds and mineral fertilizers.

I am familiar with "Humo" organization for a long time. I got here my first loan for expanding of my business. Coming with husband in the branch, the staff explained us in detail all the lending conditions. 

After gathering all the necessary documentation and approval of the Organization, we have received loan in the amount of 5000 TJS. So we bought the necessary vegetable seeds and mineral fertilizers. Now my husband all day stays in the greenhouse, looking after the sprouts of tomatoes and cucumbers. The thought of the trip to Russia no longer come to his mind for what I and our children are very happy. My family has already received the first harvest by the New Year. 2017 was started good for my family, now we have confidence in the future. All this became possible thanks to the organization "Humo", which has supported us in this matter.

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